TCU Resources

TUC Resources Ltd (ASX: TUC) is a resource development company whose focus is the commercialisation of mineral assets. TUC achieves this goal through exploration of under explored terrains by enthusiastic and creative people who know how to use technology to maximise success.

The Company currently holds 16,800km² of ground across the Northern Territory of Australia.

The Company will continue to grow via its exploration success, management and commercialisation of its portfolio, and acquisition, thus providing a complete resource investment opportunity for its Shareholders.

TUC is currently focussing its efforts on its Stromberg Heavy Rare Earth Project.

XLS Medical

XLS Medical

What is XLS Medical?

The science behind XLS is clear. If you want to vastly increase the amount of weight you lose on any diet, taking XLS can help you lose significantly more weight than you could with dieting alone.

If you have problems with your weight, you know the struggle. Not only does it take effort on your part to lose the weight you need to get off.

How does XLS Medical Help You Lose Weight?

XLS Medical’s key ingredient consists of Litramine, a natural prickly pear formula that has been patented. This high-powered fiber can aid you in losing as much as three times more weight than only dieting.

How does XLS Medical Enhance Weight Loss?

Losing weight remains a struggle for many overweight people. It is just not fun. If you have committed to a weight loss program, why not speed up your rate of weight loss? Using XLS Medical at Amcal can help you get the weight off faster than merely dieting alone.

XLS Medical’s key ingredient Litramine combines with the fat in your diet to become a larger complex in the stomach. The combination of fat and fiber’s size limits its ability to be absorbed in the small intestine. Because the fat-fiber combination cannot be absorbed, it is removed from the body naturally through excretion.

The fiber content in the Litramine in XLS Medical delays food emptying from the stomach, leaving you feeling fuller and reducing food cravings and appetite. In contrast, taking XLS Medical’s scientific formula of fiber helps an individual have more frequent and easier bowel movements by speeding fat through your gastric system.

Image for XLS Medical Direct Sachets - 90 Pack from Amcal

Taking XLS Medical
Taking this product couldn’t be simpler. Take the powder directly into your mouth as directed. Using XLS Medical with a sensible diet and exercise will help you lose that stubborn weight and become a new, better you.